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Visit of the Radio Network for Danger (RMZO) of the Republic of Croatia

On 28 November 2015, a joint team of VEZIST and ZSČ responded to the invitation of the association “Radio Network for Dangers (RMZO)" of the Republic of Croatia. President of RMZO, g. Robert Vatta, and Vice-President Mr. Rajko Bacnar, together with their team, welcomed us at the microlocation of Mala Učka. The association prepared a polygon with communication equipment in front of a mountain hut, and demonstrated how the system of connectivity in case of natural and other conditions works. The Mala Učka – Split test connection was established, during which a test fax message was sent.
They very clearly presented the legal regulations in the neighbouring Croatia and their concept of operation in the telecommunications field in the event of an emergency.
We were served with exquisite lunch, during which the debate went on about possible cooperation between the RMZO association and the VEZIST association.
An agreement was reached that in the context of a more active cooperation, next time our association VEZIST, in cooperation with the Association of Slovenian Military Officers, would be the organizer and host of the meeting.

Thanks to the team RMZO for an excellent presentation!

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