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About us

The association of remote communication operators "ARCO" (Slovenian name: VEZIST) (S5ØVZZ), is a non-profit organization of public interest intended for radio amateurs and their sympathizers, communication officers of the former composition of territorial defense and militia and also present composition of the Slovenian army forces, police and others who officially or otherwise act in the field of radio communications and informatics.

The Association "ARCO" is a member of the radio amateur association of Slovenia (ZRS) and a member of the association of Slovenian officials (ZSČ)
The organization has been operating since June 24, 2015, to date, it has over 30 members in its membership, thus fulfilling its goals in the field of radio communications and information technology, which today is an indispensable component of new technologies.

Objectives and interests of the organization

  • Organization of professional and interest-related activities in the field of radio-ammunition and military CIT (communication and information technologies).

  • Contribution to joint efforts for peace, freedom and human rights.

  • Fostering the Slovene historical memory of radio and military communications.

  • Encouraging friendship between soldiers and communication operators.

  • Cooperation with Slovenian army, especially with units for communications and informatics.

  • Cooperation with domestic and foreign professional associations in the field of telecommunications and informatics.

  • International cooperation with related organizations abroad.

  • Active participation in activities organized by the Association of Slovenian Officials (ZSČ).

  • Organizing cultural, social, sports and competitions.

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